Maanzecorian (meaning "creed leader" or "creed liaison" in Undercommon)[5] was an entity that embodied mind flayer ideals of complete knowledge and comprehension. The illithids' reverence and meditation on the ideals represented by Maanzecorian could be considered a form of worship.[2]


Maanzecorian was as much a divine entity as a collection of concepts and ideals. He embodied what mind flayers understood as a state of perfect comprehension of knowledge, a simultaneous recall of memory, thought, and aptitude.[2] Maanzecorian was also considered a keeper of secrets.[1]

The deity was considered narrower in scope than Ilsensine,[2] but followers of Maanzecorian also believed that illithids were the naturally appointed rulers of all races, planes, and worlds.[6]

Some of the ideals of perfect recollection of memory embodied by Maanzecorian were observed in aboleths, who possessed a type of racial memory that passed from one generation to the next and could always be perfectly remembered. This led to frequent conflicts between aboleths and mind flayers.[7][2]


Sometime in the mid-14th century DR, Maanzecorian was believed to have been killed by Tenebrous, a shadowy manifestation of Orcus after his defeat at the hands of Kiaransalee.[1][8] Upon discovering that Maanzecorian, a deity of secrets, knew information that could lead to the location of the Wand of Orcus, Tenebrous ripped that knowledge from Maanzecorian's mind and destroyed the deity's essence and his entire realm in Gehenna with it.[1]

At this time, illithids who were granted divine spells from Maanzecorian woke up to discover that the deity no longer granted them power or signs. They found out about the deity's demise through divination magic.[6]

By the late 15th century DR, mind flayer colonies adhering to Maanzecorian's precepts could once again be found.[2]



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