Maarika was a unusual frost giant druid in the Great Glacier in 1491 DR.[1]


Maarika was a relatively small giant, compared to others in Great Glacier.[1]


Maarika greatly disliked her people's culture. She believed her fellow frost giants were only good for fighting, drinking, and more fighting. Maarika still respected strength, combat prowess, and bravery, but there was more to life than only those things. She was also a cynic, always quick to give her opinion—and she had an opinion about everything. Maarika was very competent with elemental magic. As follower of both Auril and Talos, she enjoyed the spectacular destruction she saw caused by nature.[1]


Maarika left her tribe, intending to live alone in the Glacier. Instead, she ended up joining the Emerald Enclave. Eventually, in 1491, an adventuring party sought her out for her knowledge of elemental magic. They asked for her help in regards to a strange storm that had plagued the area. She explained that it was the side effect of an elemental rite performed to create an elemental node inside the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[1]




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