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A mace of the darkchildren was a heavy mace that gave its wielder power over undead.[1][2]


A mace of the darkchildren had a haft of blackened metal resembling a human femur bone. The mace-head was shaped like a skull with three screaming faces in each direction.[2] It was forged of adamantine.[1][2]


A mace of the darkchildren could be either a +1[2] or a +2 weapon.[1] It was forged of adamantine, with all the strength of that metal.[1][2]

In particular, the mace gave its wielder enhanced powers against undead, making them easier to control or rebuke, if the wielder was capable of that divine power. It also allowed them to control more undead than normal.[1][2]



  • The mace of the darkchildren first appeared in Magic of Faerûn as a more powerful weapon than that which later appeared in Magic Item Compendium. The former version was also non-magical. It was named "mace of the dark children" in the Magic Item Compendium.


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