Madinat al-Mumin, or The City of the Faithful, was a small settlement located on the Steaming Isles within the Crowded Sea of southern Zakhara.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Each and every one of the inhabitants of this town lived for the Law of the Loregiver, firmly believing that as long as the Law was practiced within Madinat al-Mumin, that it would never cease to exist regardless of what happened to the rest of the Land of Fate [1]


A militia of 28 individuals could be assembled if needed, but the citizens of Madinat al-Mumin were peaceful, learned folk who could call upon Fate to aid them.[1]


Madinat al-Mumin gleamed like a wealthy city of a larger size. All of the buildings were white-washed, and many possessed fabulous architecture. The town boasted a grand palace that seemed out of place for such a small settlement.[1]


Madinat al-Mumin was founded by Jamila the Virtuous and her husband. Together they discovered the descendants of Nog and Kadar and guided them to Enlightenment.[1]



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