Madislak Pemsk was one of the druid rulers of Sossal during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


Madislak was a leader in the druid council that ruled Sossal.

In 1373 DR, his nation was weakened by sustained attacks by enraged dragons. Later, the Ice Witch, Iyraclea, and the white dragon dracolich Zethrindor invaded Sossal with a potent army. They quickly conquered the northern regions of the country. Madislak issued an order to all his forces to gather south for a counterattack. In that time, the high druid met Dorn Graybrook and his allies, agreeing to help them travel to Thentia while they joined his army. However, Zethrindor's army executed a surprise attack, catching Madislak's contingent before he met the others. In the face of superior enemy numbers, Dorn proposed a duel between the commanders. In the vicious duel between the white dracolich and Dorn's party, plus Madislak and two of his warriors, Zethrindor managed to kill Madislak but the weakened dracolich was later destroyed by his own conscripted troops.[1]




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