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The Madness domain was a deity domain that granted madness-related spells to a cleric or certain divine spellcasters devoted to a god of madness. Once the god's Cyric,Ghaunadaur and Tharizdun laid claim the madness domain spreading there blessing to there followers.
Cyric "The mad god" is an ever lasting void of madness. His insanity grew indefinitely, some times seaming to bring him back to what might be sanity, thus cementing the depth of his madness.
Ghaunadaur in the Dismal Caverns reside alone letting the insanity claim him, he released abominations carrying madness to wherever they appear.[1] Mortals want to keep Tharizdun's very name from their minds out of fear. His followers are given to extreme actions and inner torment, as there god exists to bring about the end of all things. [2] Once a day, the devoted spellcaster could gain the clarity of madness and become more wise or strong willed.

Deities with the Madness domainEdit

Power Of Madness domainEdit

Any divine caster that worshipped a god that claimed the madness domain may use the madness Domain. As the divine caster whom chooses to channel the madness domain will be a more skilled bluffer. When the caster used a ability that harmed an enemy and is associated with the madness domain they could channel the domain to cause the target to be less accurate for a short period of time.

The Powers of this domain are:
Enfeebling strike
Overwhelming strike
Righteous brand
Visions of Blood

Screaming Madness divinityEdit

To use the divinity of the madness domain one must have had the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster had this it would have gained the ability to use Screaming madness

Channel Divinity: Loving SacrificeEdit

Striking with a fear power, your deity's madness also strikes the target, sending it to a quick turn of insanity making it hit it self.[2]

Madness Domain SpellsEdit

1st level 
Confusion (lesser)
2nd level 
Touch of Madness
3rd level 
4th level 
5th level 
Bolts of Bedevilment
6th level 
Phantasmal Killer
7th level 
8th level 
Maddening Scream
9th level 
Weird [3]



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