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Maegera (also known as Maegera the Inferno[1]) was a primordial, fiery, god-like being whose immense heat was harnessed to power the Great Forge of the dwarven city of Gauntlgrym.[2]


Maegera was trapped in the Fiery Pit in Gauntlgrym, a large chasm filled with magma. It was kept in a state of slumber and semi-consciousness by bound water elementals, conjured by the Arcane Brotherhood.[1]

In 1452 DR, agents of Thay used a dwarf of Delzoun to pull a lever at the side of the fiery pit, closing the channels of water and allowing Maegera to stir and wake up, which caused earthquakes in the surrounding area.[1]

Maegera was put back into its slumber state by a group containing Drizzt Do'Urden, Bruenor Battlehammer and Jarlaxle Baenre, but they did not restore all of the water elementals since one of the summoning locations was broken.[1]


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