Maelin Rascalin was a former bandit who became a general and the baron of the city of Suormpar in Ulgarth.[1]


Maelin Rascalin was once one of the most notorious and dangerous bandits in the kingdom of Ulgarth, until at last he was captured with great effort. Convicted of banditry, Maelin elected to serve out his sentence through military service, as Ulgarthan law permitted.[1]

After he'd done his time, Maelin chose to remain in the army. Quickly promoted, he soon came to lead the kingdom's entire east defense force and became one of its greatest generals ever. Repeatedly, he repelled invading barbarian hordes from the east, including resisting an attack over a thousand barbarians.[1]

For his service, Maelin was ennobled by the king and awarded the barony of Suormpar. His example encouraged later convicts to choose military service, with some being ennobled themselves and earning titles for valor.[1]


Maelin's grandson was Redinald Rascalin, baron of Suormpar around 1367 DR and a paladin of Torm. The Rascalins were the staunchest supporters of King Drasna Bluemantle.[1]



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