Maelstrom was the main stronghold and seat of power for the storm giants of the Trackless Sea.


The fortress lay on the floor of the Trackless Sea, 3,000 feet beneath the surface at a point between Ruathym, the Whalebones, and the Korinn Archipelago.[1]


Carved into a gargantuan reef, the fortress was made up of four rocky towers covered in barnacles and coral. Between these towers sat a large sinkhole descending into the heart of the fortress. A natural phenomenon sometimes caused the ocean currents to form a great whirlpool with enough strength to draw ships down into the bottom of the sinkhole.[1]


The interior of the fortress was made up of air-filled chambers and corridors. Sized to gigantic standards, ceilings in the fortress were 50 feet high. Oval windows made of thick, transparent crystal lined many rooms. The storm giants of the Maelstrom cultivated giant anemones used for storage and waste disposal. Continual flames illuminated wall sconces around the fortress.[1]


Maelstrom was primarily inhabited by storm giants. Other giant races, (such as hill giants) were sometimes employed as guards in the fortress.[1]


Until his disappearance in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, Maelstrom was ruled by King Hekaton. After his disappearance, Hekaton's daughter Serissa was left in charge of the fortress.[1]




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