Maerylee Snowdown was a spectral harpist in Myth Drannor.[1]


Maerylee, in life, was a half-elf bard who settled in Myth Drannor after the raising of the mythal and joined the original Harpers at Twilight.

She died at one point, but thanks to the mythal somehow rose again as a strange kind of undead ghost.

From then on, Maerylee helped all good-oriented adventurers, especially fellow Harpers or bards, who ventured inside the city by directing them with the sound of her harp.

In the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, a Harper was captured by a doomsphere, so Maerylee used her harp to call an adventuring party to free the captive Harper.[1]


As in life, Maerylee always sung at sunset. She couldn't touch material objects so she used her harping to help the adventurers.[1]



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