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Magebane was an intelligent +2 bastard sword devoted to hunting and slaying mages.[1]


The blade and hilt were all made of one piece of an unusual and unidentified black metal. Though it made no glow, green fire traced runes that constantly twisted up and down the blade.[1]


The sword was intelligent and focused on hunting down, defeating, and slaying beings who could wielded arcane magic, whether were mages or monsters with innate spellcasting abilities.[1]


It allowed its wielder to detect magic at will, and had skills in arcane knowledge and spotting what was hidden.[1]

When wielded to defeat or destroy a spellcaster, the sword could cast feeblemind.[1]


The sword Magebane was crafted as a sword of state for a mameluk ruler of Calimshan during the realm's Seventh Age, following the fall of the Shoon Imperium. It was used primarily to hunt down surviving wizards of the qysar's court.[1]

It was later in the possession of a satrap of Manshaka. When they died after 1272 DR, the sword went missing.[1]

Unknown to anyone, it later came into the possession of the mad wizard Keilier Twistbeard. In the Year of the Blue Flame, 1327 DR, Keilier placed it as the prize in the Blue Alley deathtrap dungeon in Waterdeep. It lay there, still unclaimed, by Year of the Wild Magic, 1372 DR, and only Keilier knew its whereabouts.[1][2]


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