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A magefair, or the Magefair, was a private gathering of wizards for the purposes of demonstrating magical powers and general enjoyment. Magefairs could be useful for learning new spells.[1]


Originally, the town of Sendrin in the Vast was a mecca for wizards. Here, they could talk shop, share spells, and practice their magic far from inhabited areas. Some also took the opportunity to play up, party all night, mess around with magic for lewdness and vandalism, and generally get away with what they couldn't at home.

However, when Azuth defeated Savras and supplanted him as god of magic, Azuth's followers sacked and destroyed the temple of Savras in Sendrin. The wizards stopped coming, and those who'd serviced them—scribes, component sellers, tailors, healers, escorts—gradually left. But the community they'd made went mobile, becoming the travelling Magefair.[2]


The Magefair was held annually in various remote locations.[2]


There were certain rules to prevent total chaos breaking out, and sentinels prevented the entrance of non-magicians, challenging them to cast spells to prove their worth. Each magician was entitled to bring one guest who did not need to have magical abilities.[1]


Amongst the events at a magefair, the fireball throwing contest was an opportunity to prove one's worth. The casters attempted to create the largest and strongest fireballs.[1]

The Magefair was also a time for partying and feasting.[2]



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