The Mages of Saruun was a merchant wizards' guild that operated out of the Seven-Pillared Hall in Cormyr. The organization was shrouded in mystery, as even its most high-ranking members were unknown. Their operations were considered illegal, as they weren't officially sanctioned by the Forest Kingdom.[1][2]

History Edit

In 1454 DR, three wizards discovered the ruins of Saruun Khel in the Thunderspire Mountain, while seeking forgotten treasures. Among the magic items they recovered were several magic amulets, which allowed them to control the bronze warders, minotaur constructs built in the city's heyday. The wizards used the bronze warders to clear the upper level of the ruins, establishing a stronghold there—the Seven-Pillared Hall, and founded the order of the Mages of Saruun.[1][3]

Activities Edit

The Mages of Saruun only cared about their profitable business with the merchants of the Underdark.[2] As they weren't officially sanctioned by Cormyr's authorities, the Mages didn't operated outside of the Seven-Pillared Hall and allowed only a few trusted merchants from the surface to do business with them in hopes to avoid Cormyr's attention, fearing the Forest Kingdom would shut down their profitable operation if they knew about them.[1][2]

Notable membersEdit

  • The Founders: The three wizards that founded the guild and the Seven-Pillared Hall: Hasifir, Niame, and Samazar. As of 1479 DR, their whereabouts were unknown.[2]
  • Orontor: The only known high-ranking member of the order as of 1479 DR.[2]
  • Paldemar Spellkeeper: A rogue mage follower of Cyric and former member of the order. Presumed killed by adventurers in 1479 DR.[1]
  • The Ordinator Arcanis: A member of the order who usually appeared in public to take care of business and to dispensate justice when needed. Unknown to all the inhabitants of the Seven-Pillared Hall, the Ordinator Arcanis wasn't an individual but actually a role: members of the Mages of Saruun took turns to use the Ordinator garments, rotating the responsibility throughout the organization.[4]


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The Mages of Saruun were designed originally for the default setting of the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but was later adapted to the Forgotten Realms in Dungeon 155.

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