Mageweavers were wizards in Zakhara who imbued artistic creations, such as tapestries and silk scarves, with magical power.[1][note 1]


Mageweavers did not have any special requirements other than possessing the skill needed to craft the artistic vessel where they intended to store their magic.[1]


These wizards were masters at storing their spells within their creations. Though technically weaker than other wizards in Zakhara, mageweavers had access to a much wider variety of spells.[1]


Like other wizards, mageweavers never wore armor and were very limited in the kind of weapon they could use. In place of a spellbook, many mageweavers carried silken creations on their person that were carefully protected within tubes or cylinders.[1]


Mageweavers did not use spellbooks. Instead, all of their spells were magically stored within their creations. They could use spells from any magical province, and could use more of those spells compared to other wizards.[1]

Stronger spells required more space on their creation to store. Simple spells only required a small space of 6 square inches. Thus, a small scarf could only hold a few spells, while a large tapestry could hold dozens.[1]


Due to the complex nature of weaving a spell in their creations, mageweavers could not learn the higher-powered spells that other wizards had access to. A mageweaver ran the risk of losing any spells stored within one of their creations if it was destroyed.[1]



  1. Mageweaver was a wizard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

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