Maggris, the Hive Mother, was a giant insect queen in the service of Halaster Blackcloak in Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. Maggris was a hereditary name, given by Halaster to each new queen of the hive.[1][2]


Maggris was a gigantic, black insect, with six legs and two large pincers.[1]


She possessed the memories of all the queens who had lived before her, and knew her spawn would be forced to live a life of servitude to Halaster. She sought to break Halaster's hold on her hive, and claim freedom for herself and her children.[2]


While excavating the vast tunnels of Undermountain, Halaster grew frustrated with the slow progress of his workers. He traveled to Mulhorand and Imaskar, hoping to find inspiration in the megalithic architecture found in those lands. While traversing the Raurin desert,[note 1] he came across a colony of giant insects, undisturbed since the fall of Imaskar. He was impressed at their industriousness, and struck a bargain with their hive mother to acquire a pair of eggs, one of which contained a future queen. When the egg hatched, he named the new insect queen Maggris, and set her to breed a swarm of unparalleled tunnelers, using magic to modify both Maggris and her offspring.[2]

The insect queen did not take well to living under Halaster's yoke, and the wizard struggled to control her. He was forced to return to the desert to look for ways of chaining Maggris to his service, which he found in the Scarab Amulet of Imaskar. The amulet allowed him to dominate Maggris, but using it caused Halaster great strain, so he only used it sparingly. Whenever Maggris, or one of her successor queens, would spawn an egg containing a future queen, Halaster would don the amulet and bid the hive to destroy the old queen, and dominate the new queen from the very beginning.[2]



  1. Maggris's character profile actually states Halaster was traveling through the "Kaurin" desert, but this is assumed to be a misspelling of "Raurin".



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