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Magurk was a male human fighter in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR. A former soldier of the Purple Dragons, Magurk was proprietor of the store called One-Armed Magurk's.[1]


After he lost his arm in battle, Magurk retired from the Purple Dragons and opened up his shop, buying and selling—no questions asked—goods looted by adventurers from ruins and dungeons found around Thunderstone. As Magurk was a former soldier of the Purple Dragons, the local contingent kept a close watch on him and his store.[1]

The Wolfmasters adventuring company stopped at Magurk's store seeking potions that could somehow control black dragons before they ventured into the Vast Swamp. However, Magurk had no such thing, and came to despise the obnoxious Sembian adventurers and their excessive haggling.[2]


He was a shrewd dealer, and one could not take advantage of him.[1]


Impressively, Magurk owned a +3 vorpal short sword, which he kept under the counter.[1]



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