Mahamsaratsu Shan,[note 1] meaning Mountain of the Sweet-Voiced Goddess[4], was a peak located in the A-Ling Shan mountain range.[1]


Mahamsaratsu Shan was the most recognizable peak of the A-Ling Shan range with an elevation approaching 24,000 ft. (7,300 m).[1]


Covered with ancient glaciers, Mahamsaratsu Shan was a sprawling peak that was frozen year-round.[1]

The mountain was feared by the people around it as being home to an evil spirit that would lure men to their deaths during blizzards with her irresistible voice. To protect themselves, the villagers built shrines along the roads that go near the peak, and left animal sacrifices to appease the evil spirit.[4]

The evil spirit of the mountain was actually a manggus named Quarasas, who lived in a palace near the top of the mountain.[4]



  1. The alternate spelling of Maham-Saratsui Shan is found on the Storm Rider map insert.


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