Mahavidi was the Padhrasattva of Erudition within the Padhran religion. Mahavidi was considered to be the highest of the Padhra's incarnations and was the personal Padhrasattva of the Dalai Lama of Ra-Khati.[1]

Holy SitesEdit

An enormous statue of Mahavidi made from pure gold and weighing over 30 tons (27 metric tons) was located within the Room of a Hundred and Three Pillars in the Potala of Saikhoi.[1] It was here that the Dalai Lama himself prayed, whilst kneeling in the statue's lap, as Tsenya Garbo did in 1359 DR.[2]


In life, Mahavidi was a follower of the Padhra and one of those who achieved "eaum", or a state of enlightenment. He ascended to join the Padhra and become a padhrasttva.[3]

The monks of the Potala believed Mahavidi had sent the spirited and aggressive horse Sandiraksiva, the Black Courser, to serve as a test of the Dalai Lama's wisdom and patience.[4]



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