Maiden's Glade, also known as Eridis in the language of Illefarn, was a glade near the Mere of Dead Men along the Sword Coast North.[1]


Located between Fort Locke and Highcliff, Maiden's Glade was a clearing and a retreat for druids, rangers, animals, or any traveler.[1]


The inhabitants were druids, rangers, and animals, who protected this place.[1]


Around 1374 DR, the glade was where druids and rangers would protect the land from intruders. However, the King of Shadows' influence had an impact on the land, causing the local druid Kaleil to be trapped and enraged in the form of a bear, allowing the animals to attack travelers and intruders. The Kalach-Cha, paired with Elanee, could attack Kaleil and learn of the shadow presences in the Mere of Dead Men before Kaleil died.[1]



Video gamesEdit


Later in the game, the option to visit Maiden's Glade is disabled. However, the Crossroad Keep is located at the exact same spot for some reason.



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