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Today in the Realms... is 1 Ches, or the 1st of the Claw of Sunsets.
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A tressym was a magical beast resembling a small winged cat. Its wings were bat-like, extending from their shoulders with long, hollow finger bones. The leathery skin between these was covered in feathers, which could display impressive designs and peacock-like "eyes" at their tips. On their bodies, they had fluffy, short-haired coats that could vary as much as any cat, though were often gray, black, or tabby. With owl-like faces and tufted ears, they were widely seen as simply adorable.

A tressym combined the acute senses and hunting prowess of cats and owls in an agile aerial predator. Tressyms preyed on insects, rodents, and birds, which found no refugee in the sky, but they were wise not to over-hunt. They had a unique ability to detect all kinds of poisons via smell, touch, or taste, yet were entirely immune to poison themselves. Although cat-like in nature, they were quite intelligent—more so than many humans. Shy and skittish in nature, they could be mischievous, known to tease dogs from the air. Curiously, they were deadly rivals to stirges and manticores, gathering in packs against them.

Although rare, they could be found across the warm and temperate lands of Faerûn, and were most common in northern Cormyr, especially the village of Eveningstar, where they were praised as lucky mascots and vermin control. They were popular as familiars for good wizards, like Lord Tessaril Winter and Tsarra Chaadren, Blackstaff of Waterdeep. They could also be companions to druids, and generally pets and friends. They formed close bonds with individual humanoids, and stories told of heroic tressym sacrificing themselves for their friends.

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Dungeon magazine 75 was the 75th issue of Dungeon magazine. It was released in July 1999.

It contains the Realms adventure "Into the Nest of Vipers", by Matthew G. Adkins, with artwork by Fred Rawles and cartography by Craig Zipse.

A Priest of Talona has concocted the deadliest poison, and this Assassin's Guild is willing to kill for it.

This adventure is set in the Vast in 1369 DR, using 2nd edition rules. Calispar Delgorth, a priest of Talona, works with the Vipers bandit gang from their hideout in the Brynwood to test a magic-resistant poison on the people of the hamlet of Sevenecho. Adventurers are asked by High Priest Randolph dul Umast of the local temple of Tymora, The Lady's Favor, to brave the Brynwood and seek a cure for the poison.

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And, from the archives, did you know...

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Knowledge of our world is to be nurtured like a precious flower, for it is the most precious thing we have. Wherefore guard the word written and heed words unwritten—and set them down ere they fade.
  — Alaundo of Candlekeep

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Well met, traveler! The Forgotten Realms is the most detailed and popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting from TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, and includes parts of Oriental Adventures, Al-Qadim, Maztica, The Horde, Planescape, and Spelljammmer. This wiki covers Realmslore in these settings across all media and editions. See the aims of this wiki here.


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