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"On my word as a sage nothing within these pages is false, but not all of it may prove to be true."
Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale

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Larloch - Carl Critchlow
Larloch was a Netherese male human and a lich. He was the former Sorcerer-King of the enclave of Jiksidur in ancient Netheril and later the master of the Warlock's Crypt and Shadow King of its undead inhabitants. He was one of the oldest non-draconic beings in Faerûn and one of its most powerful mages, as well as one of the few surviving Netherese sorcerer-kings.

A lich of extreme age, Larloch's body was greatly decayed, leaving only his white-boned skeleton, with two orbs of red light in place of eyes. Streaks of emerald energy moved about his body, and at least two dozen ioun stones floated around his skull. He was also insane, his mind affected by his extreme age. Sometimes he could be calm and even whimsical. Other times he was crazed, snarling and launching spells at random.

Larloch possessed incredible power and was a superintelligent genius. He sought only greater arcane Art and was a talented and cunning inventor of new spells, magic items, and magical techniques and strategies. He forged the Death Moon Orb artifact. He was a master of curse magic, and modified many of his own spells and abilities in surprising ways. He enjoyed inflicting horrible transformations and curses on those who failed him or trespassed in his tower. He also performed cruel necromantic experiments on captured travelers.

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Realms of the Dead was an anthology of short stories from the Forgotten Realms, and the last published anthology of original tales to date. It accompanied the The Haunted Lands trilogy by Richard Lee Byers, and had stories spanning both sides of the setting-changing Spellplague. It was published in January 2010 and edited by Susan J. Morris.
Not even the mightiest mage, working spells that remain utterly reliable, can hope to prevail against dozens of tireless, ruthless UNDEAD who suffer no pain and can be distracted by nothing.

Every creature on Faerûn has its dark mirror in the undead—from the ghosts of ancient warriors to the rune-scribed skeletons of dragons. And in a world with as rich and bloody a history as the Forgotten Realms, they are legion—outshining the living in variety and number.

Here are a dozen of the most terrifying tales of the haunted Realms.

Recent releases

An unnamed Dungeons & Dragons movie expected to be set in the Forgotten Realms is currently in the works. Made by Warner Bros., it is written by David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans), produced by Roy Lee (The Lego Movie), and expected to be directed by Rob Letterman (Goosebumps). Actor Ansel Elgort (The Divergent Series) is in early talks to star in the movie.

According to rumor, it will be called The Hand of Chaos and will be a fantasy action-adventure in the style of Indiana Jones or Guardians of the Galaxy, with a warrior with a flaming sword, a cunning gnome cutpurse, a warlock, and a half-dragon going on a quest for a mythical treasure.

Assault on Maerimydra is an adventure module by Greg Marks, designed for 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons and set in the Forgotten Realms. It was released in March 2016 as part of the Rage of Demons storyline for the Adventurers League. The adventurers have gathered in the Underdark with drow and other allied factions and must work together to assault the fire giant–city of Maerimydra.

Death Masks cover
Death Masks is the 28th Forgotten Realms novel written by the world's creator, Ed Greenwood. It was released on June 7th, 2016. Questions arise when several recent murder victims are revealed to have been Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

Today in the Realms... is 27 Eleasis, or the 27th of Highsun. On this day:


And, from the archives:

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Neverwinter Nights 2 - Plane of Shadow 4
Plane of Shadow analogue of the city of Mulsantir.


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