Makos was a tiefling warlock who lived in Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


Makos grew up as a street urchin, but he was fiercely ambitious and determined to rise above his station. To that end, he entered into an infernal pact with the fiend Arikas.[2]

In 1479 DR, Makos took part in the Siege of Neverwinter. Together with the guardsman sergeant Knox, the cleric Celeste, and the rogue Xuna, Makos brought down a dracolich in Valindra Shadowmantle's service. After defeating the undead dragon, Makos bound its soul to prevent it from returning to its phylactery.[1]

When the Thayans created a Dread Ring within the Neverwinter Wood, Makos joined the Neverwinter Vanguard in assaulting it. He was also instrumental in stopping the plans of the demon lord Baphomet to reshape the world with the Maze Engine; Makos the drow wizard Vizeran DeVir who tried to claim its power for himself, and then destroyed the artifact. Makos later journeyed to Icewind Dale to represent Neverwinter at a festival in Bryn Shander, only to find the town devastated by the Ring of Winter. After freeing Artus Cimber from his icy prison, Makos joined Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge in assaulting Fangbreaker Island to retrieve the Ring of Winter from the frost giant Storvald. The assault failed, and Makos was slain by Drufi.[1]


The statue of Makos in the River District.

Lord Dagult Neverember paid to have Makos resurrected, but his soul would not return to his body. Neverember subsequently erected a statue of him in Neverwinter's River District. Unbeknownst to Neverember, the resurrection failed because Makos had already returned to life, having established contingencies in the event of his demise.[1]


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Makos first appeared in the Neverwinter four-part cinematic trailer titled "The Siege of Neverwinter".


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