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Malabog was the king of the fomorian giants in the Feywild in 1484 DR.


Malabog was a powerful fomorian giant in the Feywild who at some point became the king of his race. He established his court in a fallen fey castle, served by a cadre of loyal fomorian warriors and started to expand his dominion.

Soon, Malabog decided to enslave the elves of New Sharandar. With this objective in mind, Malabog allied himself in Toril with the lich Valindra Shadowmantle and thanks to this pact he gained the services of the blue dragon Fulminorax, whom added to his troops.

At last, the Iliyanbruen elves recruited an adventurer native of Toril to stop the foul fomorian king. The adventurer defeated the fomorian army and finally entered Malabog's Castle and fought and defeated Malabog and his allies.[1]



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