Malavon Despana is a drow wizard of some power, who currently serves as the Archmage of the Underdark city of Rilauven. He led a group of anti-Lolthite revolutionaries to a successful coup in the city, changing the Lolth venerating, matriarchal society into a relatively egalitarian oligarchy, led by a council of representatives from the cities acadamies. The coup was relatively bloodless. Malavon now appears to be the most powerful being in the city, which is rare in most drow societies as males are generally considered to be inferior to females.

Malavon is a powerful mage, having created at least one spell himself: Malavon's Rage, which is a destructive spell of some potency. His sister also notes that he is a skilled diviner, and capable enough with other forms of magic to wipe out an entire cavern of driders.