Malcanthet was a demon lord. She was also called Queen of Succubi.


Malcanthet was described as an incredibly beautiful human-like female with bat-wings, horns, and a long prehensile tail tipped with a spike-like stinger.


Malcanthet was the current holder of the title of Succubus Queen; other demon lords aspiring to the position included Lady Lynkhab, the currently imprisoned Shami-Amourae, and the exiled Xinivrae. Other rivals existed elsewhere in the Abyss, but they ultimately posed little or no threat to Malcanthet.

Malcanthet was among the first of the succubi to come into being in the Abyss. She obtained her current title after years of waging wars and committing savage betrayals upon her fellow "sister" succubi and former paramours. As a result of her ruthless climb to the top, she has cultivated a long list of enemies, which includes Graz'zt, Yeenoghu, and Baphomet. Her few allies include the Prince of Demons Demogorgon, with whom she birthed the monstrous Arendagrost; Pazuzu, from whom she mothered the succubus Red Shroud; her current consort Mastiphal the Hunting Sovereign; and Socothbenoth, a demon lord concerned with sexual taboos and perversions.


The Succubus Queen's realm was the 570th layer of the Abyss, and was known as Shendilavri. Once a disgusting layer of "heaving and shuddering flesh", Malcanthet had transformed it into a verdant paradise. But ultimately, it is a paradise for only Malcanthet herself.

Cult of MalcanthetEdit

The cult of the Succubus Queen is a widespread but disorganized lot. Each cult sees another, not as an ally, but as competition and most are little more than simple brothels. On average, Malcanthet's cult buildings/houses look like whorehouses to the commoner, but another dangerous world presides inside. Many people who walk out of the seemingly normal whorehouse do not realize how close they came to being a sacrifice. Malcanthet's cults will sometimes have a certain type of person or gender they will have. For example: one cult might cater to muscular men or high class women. Another might specify in male to male services or cater to lithe and fair women. Most of Malcanthet's followers tend to lean towards a female dominated cult; however, there certainly are males in her cult, and they can rise to high ranks. In some cults, males are blinded so they cannot "look upon the beauty of their superiors." Men are also sometimes used as bouncers or thugs in their cult. The Thralls of Malcanthet are exclusively female, and as they rise in power, they gain more and more powers similar to those of succubi until they too, can (temporarily) assume succubi forms.


In 1484 DR Malchanthet lived in Nine Hells, where acted as personal envoy of Asmodeus. She convoked Mephistopheles to Nessus.[1]

Creative originsEdit

Compared to other demon lords like Demogorgon, Lolth, Orcus, Zuggtmoy, and Graz'zt, Malcanthet is a relative newcomer to the game[citation needed]. She is first mentioned in Dungeon #112 and later in other articles such as the "Demonomicon of Iggwilv" series in Dragon.


The Radiant Sisters - Thirteen lilitu bards who serve under their mistress. Their names are actually the colors they radiate, and each one has a soul-draining locket and a shining halo.


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