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Malchor Harpell
Basic Information
Home Tower of Twilight,
Neverwinter Wood[1]
Former home(s) Blackstaff Tower, Waterdeep[2]
Gender Male[2]
Race Illuskan human[2]
Patron deity Deneir, Mystra[3]
Known language(s) Common[4]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral good[2]

3.5 Edition Statistics[2]
Wizard 20
Archmage 5

Malchor Harpell was a human wizard of the Harpell family who dwelt in the Tower of Twilight, which rested east of the Neverwinter Wood.[3]


Even though Malchor was Khelben's second most powerful follower, other than Laeral Silverhand, he was also the most skeptical of the Moonstars.[2] While in his tower, Malchor disliked interruptions but rewarded his students' patience, as well as loyal friends and faithful followers, with praise, shelter, gifts, and magical aide.[1] He could be somewhat brusque and arrogant, but he also had a sense of humor.[5]

Although Malchor was a Harpell, he did not share the eccentric ways of his cousins and deigned to live away from Longsaddle.[5]


Malchor was known to have apprentices. Circa 1356 DR, he had a teenaged apprentice who was the son of wealthy family. Malchor made him take a vow of silence, which he believed would help teach him the discipline needed for his studies of magic.[6][5]


The wizard spent most of his time training other mages along with researching magical items and their creation. Specifically, he mastered the art of crafting staves of the magi, wand of magic missile as well as ring of feather fall and a ring of warmth.[1]


Along with the items he regularly created, Malchor carried a lurker cloak and a +3 ring of protection when he traveled.[1]


Malchor was a member of the Company of Crazed Venturers.[7] In 1356 DR, he gave the drow renegade Drizzt Do'Urden, the scimitar Twinkle.[4] Around 1370 DR, Malchor, who was a student of Khelben Arunsun and defected from the Harpers to the Moonstars.[2]

After the Spellplague in 1385 DR, Malchor and his tower disappeared from Neverwinter Wood.[8]



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