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Maliantor, also known as Blackstaff's Eyes[1] and Maliantor of Waterdeep,[2] was a member of the Gray Hands adventuring company.[1]


Maliantor had long, braided brown hair, sea-green eyes, and an impish smile. She favored practical clothing and was often found stuffed with scrolls.[1]


In 1416 DR, Maliantor published My Eyes Always Open: Memories of the Blackstaff, which included a history of Tsarra Chaadren.[2] It was considered the "definitive tome on life in Blackstaff Tower in the 14th century."[3]


A former student of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, Maliantor was known as "Blackstaff's Eyes". She was rumored to be his sole agent who worked outside of the Moonstars.[1]




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