Maligor was the Zulkir of Alteration in Thay until 1362 DR.[2]


The Zulkir was a bald, pale, thin man with a tattoo atop his skull demonstrating his devotion to Myrkul.[2]


Reckless and evil, the wizard enjoyed the suffering of his victims. Like all Red Wizards, Maligor constantly plotted the downfall of his fellow wizards.[2]


Maligor owned a pair of bracers of defense, along with a cloak of protection and a ring of flying. He wielded a staff of the magi, and wore a robe of the archmagi.[3]


The Zulkir of Alteration built an army of 300 human troops and 1200 battle-hardened gnolls which he wished to unleash upon Thay. Using his magical talents, the Red Wizard created a multitude of darkenbeasts to comprise his second force. Aiding Maligor in controlling his empire was the spirit naga Asp, who fed off her master's desire for power.[2]


Maligor was a Red Wizard and a Zulkir for many years until 1362 DR, when he plotted to seize control of both Thay and then Aglarond. His plan comprised of an assault on a minor Red Wizard holding by his gnoll army while his main force of magically transformed darkenbeasts seized control of the main Thayan gold mines. However, an unlikely alliance between the Zulkir of Necromancy Szass Tam and the Harpers Galvin, Brenna Graycloak, and Wynter the centaur thwarted his plot and Maligor died when the mines he had planned to seize collapsed on him.[2]




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