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Malik el Sami yn Nasser, a human former merchant from Calimshan, the Seraph of Lies and a Chosen of Cyric.


Malik lived as a merchant in the City of Brilliance until the first prince of the local Caliph took a liking to his wife, and frequently visited Malik's household. One day, the Caliph received a letter from Zhentil Keep relating the story of the Cyrinishad and a requested loyal spies to be dispatched to watch over the temples of Oghma (and his servant gods Gond, Milil and Deneir), Mystra (and her servants Azuth, Savras and Velsharoon) and Kelemvor. The spies were to watch for the appearance of the stolen Cyrinishad, which would be carried by the champion of Torm, Gwydion Fleetfoot. Malik was sent by the Caliph, leaving his wife in the tender care of the prince, and traveled the Western Heartlands for years disguised as a humble beggar. Finally, he encountered Gwydion outside Candlekeep and sent word to the church to send an army to lay siege on the old library-fortress.


The Avatar SeriesEdit

  1. Prince of Lies
  2. Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad

Return of the ArchwizardsEdit

  1. The Summoning
  2. The Siege
  3. The Sorcerer

The Sundering

  1. The Sentinel


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