Malimshaer was a scout nycaloth and member of the Trio Nefarious and strategist of the Army of Darkness.[1]


Malimshaer was first summoned to the Realms by the Netherse archwizard Aldlas Sodhese. Aldlas set them forth on the task to locate the Nether Scrolls, thought to be somewhere in the elven lands. For three months The Trio Nefarious ravaged the elven lands until they met with the army of Cormanthyr and were captured and imprisoned. Nearly 2 millenia later they escaped and began raising an army that soon descended upon Cormanthyr.[1] Malimshaer was noted to kill alone a black dragon and subjugated the orc tribe in the service of the dragon[1]


On Greengrass, 713 DR, Malimshaer and Gaulguth were attacked by Myth Drannor army and Gaulguth lost the left eye and one of his left arms; Malimshaer tried to capture the Chosen of Mystra Symrustar Auglamyr but she killed him with Spellfire.[2]



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