Malkyn Grenefeld was the chamberlain of Hillsfar in 1491 DR.[1]


Malkyn was the city's chamberlain and the court's mage.[1]


A member of the Brotherhood of the Cloak in Mulmaster, Malkyn abandoned her city and was chosen to join the First Lord's court just before the Elemental Evil crisis in 1491. During the Rage of Demons that same year, she attended the First Lord's Midsummer Masquerade ballet.[1]

She possibly checked an adventuring party (who had been hired by Elanil Elassidil to infiltrate the masquerade) who had been hired as servers by Torgrave Needlebaum.[2]

During the ballet Torin started a speech and an elf assassin tried to kill the First Lord but hit only Thessaly. Quickly Malkyn arrived to Torin and the two disappeared thank to an invisibility spell and she took the Lord to a safe place.[3]

Later during the trip of the First Lord to Yulash Malkyn lead a group of Red Plumes to capture Elanil Elassidil of Elventree. She discovered that the elven bard briefly stopped at the the Plodding Plow, in the village of The Stop and decided to check all the customers.[4]


Malkyn was totally loyal to Torin Nomerthal. She was very rigid and adherent to protocol. Malkyn was a talented mage.[1]




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