Malruthiia Chaadren was a female sylvan elf and the half-sister of Yaereene Ilbaereth. She was born out of wedlock to a high-ranking clan in the Neverwinter Woods, and was exiled upon reaching adulthood.[1]


Malruthiia married Taalmuth Chaadren, who was a human ranger. Their child was Tsarra Chaadren.[1] Her elder half-sister was Yaereene Ilbaereth.[2]


Malruthiia was born in the Neverwinter Woods, an illegitimate child. Despite her heritage as an Ilbaereth, she was exiled upon reaching adulthood and set out to make her own way. She met Taalmuth Chaadren in Waterdeep, a rival hunter, and the couple married in 1337 DR.[1]

The couple became guides for hunting trips and parties around Waterdeep.[1]

While on a hunt in the Ardeep Forest in 1357 DR, Taalmuth became involved in a spell battle against a suspected lich (the true identity of the assailant was not known) and was killed. His entire body was burned by a fireball spell, and there were charred areas on nearby trees, destroyed skeletons, a pile of stones from an arcane ritual, and a scrap of maroon cloth, which all pointed to a lich as the culprit.[1]

After her husband's death, Malruthiia used her connections to gain her daughter Tsarra an apprenticeship at Blackstaff Tower.[1]

Malruthiia was killed in 1358 DR, protecting the Elfstone Tavern and her half-sister Yaereene Ilbaereth when Myrkul's undead horde attacked Waterdeep.[1]


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