Malvag was a powerful drow priest of Vhaeraun in Cormanthor in 1375 DR.[1]


Malvag gathered some of the most loyal followers of Vhaeraun, among them Jezz the Lame, from both House Jaelre and Clan Auzkovyn in order to cast a spell he had found in the ruins of ancient Ilythiir in order to summon their god undetected.[1]

He explained his plot: to allow the god to enter the realm of Eilistraee and assassinate her. However, most of the assembled people followed Jezz's words and did not trust Malvag much to cooperate in such a great design and left.[1]

However, soon after, Malvag was attacked and defeated by Halisstra Melarn.[1] Malvag managed to survive.[1]

Malvag summoned his loyal Szorak, Urz, and Valdar, each carrying the soul of an Eilistraeen priestess, to a designated place to cast the spell but, instead of Szorak, Q'arlynd Melarn arrived in disguise and managed to kill Urz before being killed, ruining the rite that needed three spellcasters to participate.[1]

Resurrecting and forcing Q'arlynd to cooperate, Malvag and Valdar cast the spell successfully. However, just after, and to his great surprise, he was able to cast moonfire.[1]

Thank to Urz's resurrection, they had the answer: Eilistraee had killed Vhaeraun and claimed his portfolio. Malvag decided that he was to blame for this and killed himself.[1]





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