Several mamluk organizations in Qudra had seats on the cities' military council and were called the Mamluk Council.[1]

Mamluk CouncilEdit

The DauntlessEdit

Commanded by General Kemil Abd al-Jasir, mamluks in the Dauntless specialized in exploration and recovering magical artifacts. General al-Jasr was just a minor member of the military council and favored whichever group gave priority to exploration.[1]

The DefendersEdit

As the name implied, the Defenders oversaw the defense of Qudra. Their leader was Akir Abd al-Himaya. The different mamluk groups rotated turns monitoring the walls of the city, but the Defenders were solely responsible for her defense when the other groups were away.[1]

The DutifulEdit

This group was the most influential mamluk society in Qudra, and the most powerful in all of Zakhara. Commanded by the dwarven emir of Qudra, Hatit Abd al-Wajib, the Dutiful were actually represented by his protege General Ekuriyah Abd al-Wajib since Hatit's duties as emir required him to show fairness to all. Ekuriyah was favored to be the next emir of Qudra.[1]

The FaithfulEdit

The Faithful directly served the Grand Caliph in Huzuz, making this group one of the most powerful in Qudra. General Adun Abd al-Amin commanded and once sought to be elected emir. His efforts to extract votes earned him the evil eye and he was passed over in favor of Hatit. Adun never forgot the "slight" and constantly sought vengeance against Hatit and Ekuriyah.[1]

The StudiousEdit

The Studious specialized in espionage activities and had bases in many major Zakharan cities. General Okin Abd al-Talib'ilm commanded in Qudra. [1]

The ValiantEdit

Known for their quick strikes against all enemies of the mamluks, the Valiant were commanded by the youngest member of the mamluk council, General Kalin Abd al-Bas. [1]

The WanderersEdit

This group was one of the few mamluk naval units. Admiral Dus Abd al-Dawwar commanded and had little financial support from Qudra, who favored spending coin on defensive improvements to the city instead of launching attacks against the Corsair Domains. Qudra boasted the largest fleet of any Zakharan city, but at least half of their ships were in need of drastic repair.[1]



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