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The Mana Forge was a small realm within Bhaal's realm in the Lower Planes, created for the purpose of focusing his scattered essence from his Bhaalspawn children after his death. It consisted of only a few relatively small, circular platforms that floated in nothingness, although gravity operated normally on top of them. Four smaller platforms existed just to feed energy into the larger central one, where it was focused on a column of green light. Amelyssan, in her attempt to absorb the power into herself, would float within the column. The four platforms were each protected by different, summoned guardians, some of them extremely powerful, such as elemental princes and a fallen solar.

The Mana Forge is the stage of the final confrontation in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. The player's party moves there after dissolving the Pocket Plane, and will have to fight Amelyssan several times, after each of which she retreats back into the pillar of energy to recover. Cutting off the lesser energy sources one by one forces her out again, until she has none left and fights one final time. After she is defeated the last time, the Solar appears and asks the player character to make the choice of whether to give up the essence of Bhaal and become a mortal or possess all of it and become a god - either the new Lord of Murder or a force of balance and good, turning shadow to light. In either case, the Mana Forge will subsequently explode spectacularly, finishing Amelyssan off.

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