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Mandrake Deepwise was a human explorer of the Underdark in 1484 DR.[1]


Mandrake was a legendary member of the Guild of Underdark Guides, having performed some difficult explorations.

However, he disappeared during one expedition, so his friend Davlin Hoth sent an adventurer to find him. In truth, he was captured by a drow raiding party under the command of Relonagh Xorlarrin and later given to Thlorrog's sect of mind flayers, who performed experiments upon him. When the adventurer freed Mandrake from some drow, he asked to be left alone, because the illithids had implanted something inside his head (that is, ceremorphosis). Davlin later told the story that Mandrake had died.[1]


Mandrake was a leading figure in the Guild of Underdark Guides and was a good friend of the fellow Guild explorer Davlin Hoth.[1]



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