A mane (or manes singular and plural[1]) was a tanar'ri demon formed when a chaotic evil soul died and was sent to the Abyss.[4][1] Manes were considered the "fodder" of the Abyss.[5]


Manes were generally three feet tall. They had white eyes and pale, bloated flesh that was often in the process of being eaten by maggots.[2]


Manes fought with their nails and teeth.[3]


Mane, Rutterkin, Bar-Lgura

Mane (lower left) and other minor demons.

Manes could not speak, but they could understand simple language. Like other tanar'ri, manes could summon other tanar'ri.[2]

A mane could potentially travel up the food chain of demonic evolutions and become a demon lord, though this was very rare.[4]

Ships of chaos were tied together with strands of the spirits of manes.[6] Such ships could also be powered by eating manes.[7]


Along with other demons, manes roamed the streets of Menzoberranzan in 14851486 DR.[8]





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