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A manticore is a large, magical beast with the body of a lion, dragon-like wings, and a somewhat humanoid head. Its long tail has a cluster of deadly spikes, which the creature can launch at its foes as weapons. It has dagger-like claws and fangs.

Manticores are known to be savage man-eaters and allies of evil creatures. Manticores are intelligent creatures and often work beside other evil beings to bring strife and suffering in the world.

Physical descriptionEdit

Manticores are true monsters. They are giant beasts with the bodies of lions, the wings of a dragon, the head of a man, and a tail that ends in a mass of deadly spikes. The mouth of a manticore is full of rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth, similar to a great white shark. It uses these teeth to feed upon any creature the manticore can catch; be it animal or human.


Some manticores have tail spikes that carry lethal or paralytic venom. Often, these manticores will have tails that are similar in appearance to that of a scorpion’s stinger.


Manticores prefer to eat human flesh, but they will happily settle for the flesh of other creatures as well.[1]


Manticore hide is used for furniture such as chairs.[2].


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