Marakus Beindold was a Master Merchant of the village of Hlintar in the Vast in the 13th century DR.[1][2]


Around the mid–13th century DR,[note 1] Marakus Beindold was Master Merchant of the village of Hlintar when he sought to annex the hills east of the town, and thereby expand Hlintar's farmland and enrich himself. However, these lands were traditionally occupied by the local dwarves. Therefore, Beindold invited the leaders of the dwarven communities to the Hornmoot trading festival, welcomed them as guests, and put on a feast for them. However, the wine was drugged, and Beindold had hired mercenaries to forcibly occupy the village before the dwarves arrived. He had the dwarves brutally murdered in their beds as they slept.

A few dwarves escaped, however, and a tenday later they returned, avoided Beindold's guards, and caught him in his own bedchamber to return his hospitality. With their hammers, they broke every single bone and joint in his body.

Beindold was discovered the next morning, hideously beaten and crippled in a pool of his own blood. He survived the experience, but only just, and a number of local clerics worked hard and at great financial cost to save him.

Every dwarven native of Hlintar left the village and never returned, and no other dwarf visited there again by 1370 DR. They boycotted all trade with Hlintar.[1][2]

The Beindold's Busted Bones inn was named for the grisly event.[1]


Marakus Beindold was corrupt, greedy, ambitious, and evil.[1][2]



  1. The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting: A Grand Tour of the Realms (2nd edition, revised) states this occurred "well over a hundred winters" before 1367 DR, implying a date before 1267 DR, while The City of Ravens Bluff says only "almost a hundred winters" before 1370 DR, implying a date after 1270 DR.


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