Marantine Delcastle was a noble in Suzail and the lady of House Delcastle.[1]


In 1479 DR, following the request of her son Arclath Delcastle, Marantine agreed to house Amarune Whitewave and Elminster Aumar's party in her house for a time. She also told them about the Imprisoners and the creation of the Blueflame ghosts, which she knew of thanks to her family dealings with the church of Mystra.[2]

In 1480 DR in order to lure out Elminster after the matter of Castle Irlingstar Manshoon sent a contingent of his death tyrants and several of his magically-dominated nobles to attack Delcastle Mansion. In the fighting lady Maratine was fatally injured. She died soon after seeing his son a last time.[3]


Arclath had a frosty relationship with his mother, who seemed more interested in being pleasured by young men than in the family business.[1]


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