Vanguard Marchas was a leader of a steading of cloud giants.[1]


In the late 1200s DR, during Marchas' time as vanguard of the his tribe, he chose to ban the high priest of Memnor, Abram, from the contests at which cloud giants often compete, because Abram had shown himself to be cruel and careless with the lives of innocent persons involved. Abram rallied support in protest against Marchas, and Marchas suggested that Abram challenge his spot in the ordning. Abram did so and defeated Marchas in one of their games. Even so, Abram chose not to replace Marchas as head of the giants of the tribe, instead he established a parallel ordning to that of Marchas', which included the more evil cloud giants of the steading. Marchas continued to rule the good giants living on the cloud.[1]


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