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Marduk was an aspect of the lesser dragon god Bahamut,[4] worshiped in Unther as the greater god of cities, wind, thunder, storms, and rain.[1]


Marduk was one of the few members of the Untheric pantheon who had an inhuman appearance. He had the form of a humanoid with red skin, four eyes and four ears, shooting flames from his mouth when he speak.[2]


Marduk had a realm in Arcadia called also Marduk, a city of marble and adobe located on the center of an arid land of sun and sky. The rivers Luar and Kath flowed through the realm and the city, keeping it cool even on the hottest days. Outsiders to the realm were watched carefully, but left to their own devices as long as they respected the law. He usually left the rule of his city to mortals, just to see how they would adapt to his precepts.[1]

As a member of the Untheric pantheon, he also had a realm on Zigguraxus.[3]


Marduk was concerned with justice and law, and he always opposed the schemes of Tiamat, the Nemesis of the Gods.[1]


In -2087 DR the Untheric pantheon was brought to Toril when former Imaskari slaves founded the Untheric empire.[5][6] Bahamut, a lesser god of the Draconic pantheon, became part of the Untheric pantheon under the alias of Marduk,[4] and his worship soon grew to elevate him to the status of greater god.[1]

The dragon goddess Tiamat, Bahamut's sister and longtime rival, also became part of the Untheric pantheon. Now that they had humanoid worshipers, the Dragonfall War entered into a new period of intensity, and over the next thousand years the two dragon gods fought each other personally, with neither being able to gain the upper hand.[4]

In -1071 DR, in a fight of the Orcgate Wars known as the Battle of the Gods, while Gilgeam fought with Ilneval, Tiamat saw her chance to kill Gilgeam, but before she could act Marduk intercepted her and in the ensuing battle they killed each other. With both of their Untheric aspects dead, Tiamat and Bahamut were both stripped of their divine power.[4]

Marduk's church slowly disappeared,[4] mostly due to the influence of Gilgeam's priesthood,[6] and many believed he was killed by the orc gods.[7] His name was remembered only by the cult of the Old Gods of Unther.[8] Meanwhile, Bahamut was reduced to the status of celestial paragon,[4] without enough followers to worship him as a god until 1359 DR, when he regained his status of lesser deity.[9]


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The Untheric Pantheon

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