Marius the Valiant was a mercenary recruiter in Turmish.[1]


Marius was a recruiter based in Alaghôn. He with a month of time can recruit a very efficient infantry unit but he can also hired companies of scouts, ambushers, pikes, and archers. He accepted to recruit cavalry only if the employer provided the very good horses.[1]


Marius always choose employers that agreed with his politic ideas to support. He was a master tactician, he had never lost a battle.[1]


Once Marius was a slave-gladiator in arenas of Old Empires and around the Vilhon Reach until in a small isle of the Sea of Fallen Stars he led a slave revolt. Marius and his fellow soon after formed the Free mercenary company. They fought well for many years until a small city-state offered them a home as well as a job. All outside Marius settled. Marius become a recruiter, hoping to save more slaves.[1]



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