Marrauk was a port city and a member of the confederation of the Dusk Ports in Laerakond.[1]


Marrauk was surrounded by five high valleys filled with deep deposits of very fine, pure salt. Those fields were full of bleak and bare of vegetation, and the land was scoured by windblown grit known as "blowscree" that usually killed all unprotected greenery.[1]


Because of the "blowscree", the city was also known as the City of Dusk. People usually wore dark, hooded cloaks to protect themselves against the "blowscree", making everyone look alike out of doors.[1]


Lylorn was ruled by a high lord, an hereditary title. In 1479 DR, the high lord was Dauna Lorastur.[1]


Marrauk exported salt to other regions in Laerakond and western Faerûn.[1]


Marrauk buildings were mostly massive edifices made of stone.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit



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