Martin Freyault Illance is head of the Illance noble house of Cormyr.

He is one of the most handsome young men at court but has been spurned by both princesses [1], considered most untrustworthy noble in realm by Thomdor & Bhereu [2], involved with Gaspar Cormaeril and Aunadar Bleth in the Abraxus affair [3], a darkly handsome young womanizer of charm, wit, and the ability to become a self-effacing "listener in the background," his name Martin derived from his grandmother's name to distinguish him from his uncle Freyault [4]


Martin attempted to seduce the crown princess Tanalasta Obarskyr but she saw though his attempts and rejected him. He then turned his attention to Tanalasta's younger sister Alusair Obarskyr, but she had been warned about him by Tanalasta, and threw him through a window, dislocating his shoulder. He would later insist that he had sustained the injury during a barroom brawl.[2]



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