Martyrdom, also known as Martyrdomain, was the realm of the deity Ilmater, the Broken God.[4][7]


Under the Great Wheel cosmology, Martyrdomain was located on the layer of Shurrock in the Twin Paradises of Bytopia.[1][2][3][4] Under the World Tree cosmology, however, Martyrdom was found in the House of the Triad, on a lesser mountain of Celestia, alongside the mountain realms of Ilmater's fellow gods of the Triad, Tyr and Torm.[8][5]

However, following the breaking of the Triad in 1384 DR, Ilmater moved his domain out of the House of the Triad. At Sune's invitation, he relocated it to Brightwater on the World Tree.[6] By 1479 DR, Ilmater had reestablished Martyrdom in Celestia, now under the World Axis cosmology.[7]


Martyrdom was a mountain, a lesser peak of Celestia, and its heart lay a great, open-air temple, built on rows of pillars of white stone.

It was a tranquil place, full of comfort and rest, and known by planeswalkers as one of the most relaxing in the cosmos. No creature within Martyrdom could feel any pain or weariness, or any kind of suffering.[5][7]


The realm was inhabited by the petitioners of Ilmater, the spirits of his deceased faithful, many of whom had died as martyrs. Here they were rewarded and granted peace for their suffering and perseverance in life.[5]


Following Tyr's departure from the Triad and Abeir-Toril in 1384 DR, his sword Justicar was kept within Martyrdom. At the center of the temple was white stone plinth from which the sword protruded. Carved into the plinth were the words "Justice endures" and a stylized depiction of a scale.[7]

One important part of Ilmater's realm was the Weeping Garden, a place of relief and aid for his most dedicated followers.[9]


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