Maskhi were unique humanoids in Zakhara that were able to transform into animals, trees, and even stone.[1]


Maskhi were lean, wiry humanoids in their natural form. Their faces were elongated but still human in appearance. All maskhi had blond hair and tanned skin. Their hands and feet had six clawed digits. [1]


Maskhi preferred fighting with weapons and spears or short bows were favored above all other weapon types. Their shapeshifting abilities aided them in ambush or escape. [1]

When shaped as trees or stones, they were indistinguishable to all senses from real trees and stones. Spells that affected plants did not have an affect on a transformed maskhi. [1]


These creatures dwelt in isolation, fearful of civilized Zakharans. They lived in temporary shelters made from animal skins and wooden frames. [1]

Up to forty maskhi could inhabit a tribe. Males and females had equal status. [1]


All maskhi cherished the land. They only hunted out of necessity and were not wasteful. [1]



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