Master Li's Way was the name given to a number of magical katanas from Kara-Tur that appeared in Faerûn in the 14th century DR.[1][2]


These katanas were originally fashioned by the great eastern artificer Master Hu Li, who was little known in Faerûn.

By 1372 DR, a number of these katanas began to turn up in the stores of weapons-dealers in northwest Faerûn. The first was considered to be a unique example of sword-making, but more swords appeared, all connected to a ship that had run aground on the Sword Coast of Faerûn several years before.[1][2]


The katanas bore the maker's mark of Master Hu Li.[1][2]


A Master Li's Way was a +2 keen katana that inflicted corrosive acid injuries.[1][2]



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