Master Tactician: Spells from the Church of the Red Knight is a web enhancement for the Forgotten Realms about a tactics manual cum spellbook that adds three new cleric and paladin spells.

Description of Master TacticianEdit

This 1-foot-square book has covers made of metal shields beaten flat and cut to size. Both covers bear faint scars from battle. The front cover is stamped with the Red Knight's symbol (a red knight chesspiece in profile with stars for eyes).

All of the text is in Chessentan. The cover page reads, "Master Tactician -- Magic to Aid the Art of War, Penned by Nicos Nathos, Priest of the Lady of Strategy, Praise Her and the Lord of Battles." The remaining pages are heavy parchment horizontally ruled, with large block letters in black ink. The margins are wide, and at least two other people (based on different handwriting styles) have left comments in the margins.

The book is in very good condition and is probably less than thirty years old.

Master Tactician is considered a holy text by the Red Fellowship (the official name of the Red Knight's church). For the most part it is a manual of tactics, and it was made to resemble The Red Book of War, a holy text of the church of Tempus.