Master infiltrators are rogues highly trained at, as their name implies, sneaking into and out of locations or situations. Master infiltrators might serves as spies, assassins, scouts, or snipers, moving silently through and out of peril unnoticed. In order to assist them in this, master infiltrators take on a variety of abilities that make them elusive prey and deadly predators.[1]


Infiltrating takes more than stealth and guile, though these are undoubtedly important, and master infiltrators have a number of other abilities to help them in their chosen line of work. This includes an aptitude for acrobatics and athletic pursuits as well as for stealth, which help to get an infiltrator out of - or into - sticky situations. Early on master infiltrators learn to keep moving, never staying still for long if they can help it, so as to avoid detection. With more advanced training, master infiltrators learn to become effectively, if not actually, invisible, disappearing from sight immediately after dealing a deadly blow, frustrating their remaining foes.[2]

The exploits learned by master infiltrators have a similar purpose. Distracting wound is an oft-used technique that master infiltrators use to distract the attention of or otherwise incapacitate sentries or other enemies who stand in their way. With further experience, master infiltrators learn impossible to catch, which lets their user slip into the shadows and effectively disappear from sight.[2]


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