Masterius, known as the Lich King, was a powerful lich who resided in Undermountain beneath Waterdeep.[1]


In undeath, Masterius had a frightful, skeletal appearance. His eyes glowed red, and he wore an enormous crown set with a single red gemstone.[1]


As a newly crowned king, Masterius was quick-witted and vital, but as he grew older, his mind dulled significantly. After becoming a lich, Masterius regained the mental faculties of his youth.[2]


In life, Masterius was a king who ruled over the city of Waterdeep.[note 1] In truth, however, he was merely a puppet of Halaster Blackcloak, the vastly powerful master of Undermountain. Halaster whispered in Masterius's ear from behind the throne, and the king acted. As Masterius grew older, he came to resent the effects of aging, and demanded that Halaster make him young again. Halaster took pity on the man and complied, but warned the king that the process would cost him his skin, his flesh, and his soul. Masterius agreed to these terms, and Halaster transformed him into a lich. The king's soul was placed in a jar, which Halaster kept in his own possession, outside Masterius's reach.[2]


Although he was merely a puppet of Halaster, Masterius still considered the wizard to be his friend. However, after many years spent in Undermountain, Masterius came to doubt his master's sanity, and sought to regain his soul, and in turn his freedom.[2]



  1. Masterius's web profile describes his reign as preceding "the founding of the Lords" of Waterdeep, which occurred in 1032 DR (The Grand History of the Realms, page 116). The first ruler of a unified Waterdeep (or rather, the settlement that would become the city) was Ulbaerag Bloodhand in 482 DR (Grand History, page 88). This places Masterius's reign somewhere between these two dates.



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